Nails of the week – black with details

Right, this week I did something I rarely do: I change my nail colour halfway through the week.

I bought a pack of nail art striping tape, and was really looking forward to using it for the first time.

The selected tape colour was red, to combine with Barry M black nail polish, into one of my favourite colour combos.

Barry M polishes are great with an amazing value, really, I cannot say this enough. Two coats, easy to apply, great coverage and durability, glossy finish.  Then I applied the tape close to the tip, around the point a French manicure would end. I found application easy and quick.

The problem is, after a few days, the tape started to peel off, and being particular as I am, I decided to remove it. So after three days, I took everything off, re-applied black to all of my nails apart from the ring finger, on which I applied a beautiful black and white nail wrap from Nails Rock to create an accent nail.

The wrap was quite old; and I found application very easy – for this one, there was no heat-me-with-a-hairdryer palava. It was just a sticker. And the staying power was much better than the giraffe print Nail Rock wrap I used before. I found this foil beautiful, very glossy and striking. It did start to come off when I applied bronzing oil repeatedly to my body during a sunbathing session, but really, it was expected! Only problem: it was so hard to remove!!!

So, there you go, although I had a “costume change” in the middle of the week, I was extremely happy with both versions of this week’s nails, I think they were both very classy!


Eye make-up look challenge: white and gold

This week I tried to re-create this quite minimalist white and gold eyes. They are meant to be a techno-chic kinda look; to me, they look a bit futuristic and frosted. Kept thinking I should be using light blue and silver instead of gold, for a snow queen look!

I am not sure in which occasion I would, if I wore to go out with this eye make up. I quite like the white “line” in the middle,  there is plenty of shimmer, and when you close you eyes, it looks very pretty and quite unusual.

Instead of using gold leaves, I used Kryolan’s Supracolour from the Charles H. Fox shop in Covent Garden, so even though my look was quite close to the one in the book, the finish was much smoother, as Supracolour is a paste-like product.
The lashes were meant to be quite clumped, but I don’t like that look very much,  so I just clumped it a little bit.  This look is, overall, quite easy to achieve.

Products I used:

  • Charles H. Fox Kryolan Supracolour metallic in gold;
  • Eyeshadow from Sephora pallete (white and shimmery light gold)
  • MAC pigment in Vanilla
  • Smashbox Photo Op Under eye brightener;
  • Studio eye pencil in Winter white
  • E.L.F. eyelid primer in Sheer
  • Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara
  • MAC brushes 208, 231, 239 and 263
  • MAC eyebrow set (discontinued)

Level of difficulty: