Primed and prepped: a guide to primers

which_primer - 2 of 6 (1)Many a times I went on about how primers changed my life and how important they are in the makeup routine. I will give you a brief round-up not to bore you.

Primers are great! Their main function is to fix makeup and increase durability, as well as to smooth the texture, even out tone and help product distribution for that fabulous, picture perfect finish.

I decided to put a together a little guide for different budgets as I have a favourite primer which is very expensive, so I also use others, which are also very good, in between.

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There are many on the market, to suit all pockets and budgets. Primers usually take the form of a fluid cream, but they can be powder too.

I use face and eye primers; lip primers are not really my thing as I am addicted to Lipcote, and that keeps my lippy in place.

Of course, this is based on my experience and there are lots, I mean LOTS of brands out there with great primers too.

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The ultimate: Blow the budget

For me, nothing quite compares to the Hourglass Veil Primer. I went on about it over on a review, but it ticks all the primer boxes: improvement of tone and texture, foundation distribution, makeup durability and it comes with the extra water-resistant property.

Well worth the £52, I say. It’s mineral and not too heavy on the silicons.

High end

I used Lancôme LA Pro base for a while and it is very good. It is a colourless gel texture, as it is silicon-based. Great on the smoothing and durability front. Oil free, leaves the skin feeling super silky and costs £28.50 (25ml).

Delilah’s UnderWear primer is quite similar to Lancôme’s in texture, but smells girlier. Deliver well in the same aspects but has the extra bonus of having some age-resisting goodness. Costs £34, but comes in a huge 48ml.

Mid range

I feel I have to touch on the Benefit Porefessional, although I really dislike this product. Many people like it and I cannot see why; could be because it does smooth the skin well and its light beige colour is an ok camouflage.

For me, however, it cakes the makeup, separates from it after a while AND appears white on flash photography. If you want to have a go, it costs £24.50. A waste of my money.

Recently, at the Debenham’s Christmas event I encountered Makeup Forever. They have a primer that looks like the horrific Porefessional but does not, I repeat, behaves like it. The Skin Equalizer is lovely, for £24.

Cheap and cheerful

I really love GOSH primers, not only because they are super affordable, but they also have many types to tend to all skin concerns.

Special attention to the Set ‘N Prime powder, which is great for the oilier skins and also doubles up as a finishing powder, for £14.99. They have primers from £12.99, well worth checking.

B. Makeup also has very decent primers at a great price, from £9.99 to be precise. From time to time, I use the B. Prepared Makeup Primer, which is also silicon-based and delivers well in smoothness and makeup distribution.

Eye primers

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I find eye primers fantastic not only because it keeps the makeup in place for longer but also because they really maximise the colours. You will notice a dramatic difference especially when using less pigmented products.

I love Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. A little goes a long way, consistency is creamy and it applies brilliantly and the difference in durability is stunning. I notice application is also easier when I use this as a base.

They also do some different versions, I personally like the classic, but the pearlised and anti-ageing ones are also great. It costs £16, £18 for the anti-ageing one. Fabulous value.

L’Oréal has a primer pen, Color Riche Eye Primer Base, which is quite handy, as I find it doubles up well as a highlighter.

For a long time I used MAC Paints as eye primers; I love Bare Canvas, sometimes I go back to it as it sticks well to the skin and helps with finish.

Superdrug has a great range of eye primers from brands I trust, like B. Makeup, GOSH and Makeup Revolution, from as little as £3, so well worth having a go.

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So, what is your go-to primer? Any I should definitely try?

Do you, like me, cannot live without them?


This post contains a mix of samples and own purchases.

9 thoughts on “Primed and prepped: a guide to primers

    • Thank you, Ilana 🙂
      No, haven’t tried that…I am not a big fan of Benefit… everything I ever tried from them doesn’t quite work for me 😦
      Yes, I need a lotto win to fuel my beauty and fashion tastes… come on! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Dani x


  1. hmmm? this is something that I too will have to start experimenting with,,, but,,, my goodness there seems to be,,,,, so many different kinds & brands where does a (New)-Gurl begin ?? I will deff have to start looking around & find what suites my face,,, good post Dani,,, Kelly seems to be getting better with her makeup & I thank you girls who share your love of makeup with us…. hmm? yes to win a lotto would be S0000 nice & to think? of so much MORE makeup & outfits &,,,,,,,, SHOES us gurls & you girls can $ buy !!!!!! lol stay well* Kelly


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